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I am a computer science student at the University of Colorado Boulder, with a minor in business. I am interested in full stack software development, data science, network systems, linux, machine learning, and believe it or not... a little bit of theory. This fall I will be starting as a full-time software engineer at Charles Schwab in Lone Tree Colorado, with the Wealth & Asset Management Engineering team. G Nuggets!




Languages - frameworks - databases

Python, C, C++, Bash, Linux, Javascript,

NodeJS, NET Core, Angular, Tensorflow

SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB



Heroku, AWS, Fly.io, Git, Bamboo, GCP, NPM, Docker, Anaconda, Jupyter


Relevant courses taken

Algorithms, Data Structures, Software Development, Linux System Administration, Network Systems, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Computation, Discrete Structures, Machine Learning



Software Engineer Intern

Charles Schwab

Software engineer intern for the Wealth & Asset Management Engineering team. See resume

June 2022- August 2022

Course Assistant

CSCI 3202: Intro to Artificial Intelligence

Supporting students in learning algorithms and statistics used in artificial intelligence. Topics covered include BFS, DFS, A*, Bayes Nets, HMMs, MDP, genetic algorithms, and reinforcement learning

Jan 2023 - Present
CSCI 3308: Software Development Methods and Tools

Supported students in learning full stack software development with html, css, JavaScript, NodeJs, SQL, APIs, testing, and Agile methodology.

Aug 2021- Dec 2021


National Science Foundation

Conducting research in mobile learning and its applications to engineering education and fluid mechanics .... This is part of an ONR funded project called "Mobile Instructional Particle Image Velocimetry (mI-PIV): Using Mobile Devices to Improve Interest and Conceptual Learning in Fluid Mechanics through Hands-on Flow Visualization and Experimentation." I am collaborated with a team of researchers to develop a curriculum for a vortex generator experiment which utilizes an Android application, called mi-PIV. Our team tested the mobile app to determine the feasibility of its application in a classroom enviornment .

May 2021- July 2021


Finance Director

Finance Director for HackCU at CU Boulder. I manage the orgianization's finances and budgets for hackathons, network with corporate sponsors, and apply for funding from the university.

May 2021- Present

Learning Assistant: CSCI 1300

University of Colorado Boulder CEAS

Supported new computer science students in learning programming with C++ by actively participating in weekly recitations... and discussing CS topics with students, holding office hours via Zoom, answering online questions on Piazza, facilitating metacognition and growth mindset among students, and discussing important issues with the CSCI 1300 instructional team. I also took a complementary pedagogy course in which I collected qualitative data from my students through google form surveys and Zoom audio transcripts. I interpreted this data in a way that would help improve the course overall and presented this feedback to the course instructors. Overall, this was a very rewarding experience and I learned many valuable teaching and learning skills.

Aug 2020-Dec 2020

B.S Computer Science

University of Colorado Boulder CEAS
Business Minor
Active Learning Award, Esteemed Scholar, Engineering Merit Scholar, Thomas T. Eaton Scholar Major GPA: 4.0 | Cumulative GPA: 3.981


Some stuff I've made. See my github for more


This smart health application is an all in one stop for users to log their fitness, nutrition, and sleep data. Built with NodeJS and SQL, as well as the Spoonacular nutrition and New York Times articles API. Please let me know how to improve this application and what you would like to see!


HTTP Web Proxy

Programmed an HTTP Web Proxy in C. Handles simultaneous client connections and implements keep-alive sockets. This proxy will serve data such as a webpage from a remote origin host and serve the data to a client such as Firefox browser or netcat. Utilizes caching of web pages during specified timeout period. Part of the Network Systems course at CU Boulder



Programmed a multi-threaded DNS lookup resolver in C. This project is part of the Operating Systems course at CU Boulder. Utilizes semaphores and mutexes to provide synchroinzation between Requester and Resolver threads.



This is a NodeJs application that utilizes MongoDb, NodeJs Passport, and Google OAuth2.0. Users can post publically or privately and see other private posts from other users. Users have the ability to edit or delete their posts as well as change the visibility of their posts.


Meal Generator

This application is made with NodeJs and PostgreSQL. Users can search for meals using keywords and the API returns a json object that contains all of the meal info. Users can then review the meal item and the review is stored in the SQL database.


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